EKIN BENELUX - Ekin Frites
Specialist in Pre-fried Belgian frozen fries, Tortilla wraps, Halal snacks & Sauces


Below you will find our range of our halal sauces. Ekin sauces are available in the following sizes: 1Kg - 3Kg - 5Kg and 10Kg.

Ekin Sauces assortment:
- Mayonnaise
- Tomato ketchup
- Algerienne (Sweet and spicy emulsified tomato sauce with onions)
- Bourgyburger ( Sweet tomato sauce with capers and gherkins)
- Brazil sauce ( Sweet tomato sauce with a light taste of curry)
- Pitta Kebad sauce (Sauce with fresh garlic)
- Tartar (A white creamy emulsion, with prominent green and pickles)
- Andalusian (Emulsified spicy sauce, with onion and paprika)
- Cocktail (Mayonnaise with tomato ketchup) 
- Dijon Mustard (Made by grinding and sieving of non-fatted black mustard seeds or Indian mustard seeds)
- Hannibal ( Sweet emulsified tomato sauce , with roasted onions)
- Samourai (Rose emulsified spiced sauce with capsicum)
- Barbecue dressing ( Tomato sauce with a light smokey flavor)

* This products does not contain any restricted animal material